Clear Bras

Make car care easier with the latest trend. A clear bra is a transparent film that adheres to your car. It protects against minor scratches, small stones and gravel damage, and general wear and tear to the paint job of your car. Once it is installed, you won’t even know that it is there! Other car bras don’t cover as much area, can get dust and grime trapped underneath, and they are very noticeable. The clear bra is the best and least noticeable way of scratch and wear protection!

“Offering You Only The Best

Protection For Your Car’s Exterior

  • Long Term Protection
  • Adds Value
  • Low Maintenance
  • Universal
  • Easy To Remove
  • Great Protection
  • Safe
  • Warranty
  • Prevents Chipping
  • Increases Resale Value
  • Unaltered Appearance
  • Inexpensive

Clear Bras offer your car the level of protection it deserves.

See It In Action!

Check out the video on the right to see how XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film is applied, and why they it is such a popular choice for anyone who wants to protect their car.

Prices are based on the condition of the vehicle and are subject to change without notice.

Clear Bras

JSR Quality

At JSR Automotive, we use only state of the art techniques when applying a clear bra to your car or truck. Our experts will provide you with the best window clear bra services around, so that your car stays protected from scratches, dirt, damage and grime for years to come.

With our clear bra services, your car will not only stay looking greet, but it will function great. Our team members are highly skilled in the application of clear bras, ensuring customer satisfaction guaranteed.

At JSR you never have to worry. Our team of experts is highly trained in all areas of care and maintenance for your car, ensuring you are nothing less than satisfied with your experience.